Frequently Asked Questions

What is urethane?
Wax Flooring???
Wood deep clean w/gloss?
What is a urethane? Urethane is a synthetic resin that is used as an additive in some acrylic floor finishes, and in wood and concrete floor coatings. Urethanes are products that form a tough, durable plastic-like film coating that have outstanding abrasion resistance. Urethanes are commonly used in floor coatings to form a wear surface on the top of VCT or other wax flooring,wood and concrete.
SPRING TREK CLEANING C L E A N I N G , the final frontier. This is the work of the Floor Doctor. Its mission: to clean strange new places, to seek out new customers, to boldly C L E A N where no man has cleaned before.
Wax Flooring???  We will strip, wax, and maintain your VCT or other flooring, wood and cement, utilizing our experience and the finest equipment in the industry. We will give your floor a high shine or a matte finish. If unprotected, VCT can get contaminated from the soiling. We understands that there are many brands of  VCT. For that reason, we use the coating best recommended by the manufacturer.
Wood deep clean w/gloss?  We will maintain and refinish your wood floor so it lasts a long time. Whether it’s a wax or polyurethane finish we can restore the original beauty of your floor. We can give your floor a high shine.
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 TIPS on protecting your floors